With summer approaching swiftly, it feels as there wasn’t even a spring really. I’ve already caught a few tarpon in Boca Grande Pass. It’s nice to see the traditional tarpon boats all painted up and lined up in the pass -“drift” fishing. There’s something special about this particular fishery. Whether you’re watching or participating in the controlled drift. Spring tides will bring busy days for sure with the strongest of tides.

There’s a mystique about the wooden boats that drift so perfect in the pass. The lines of vessel and the effortless control as the boat’s maneuver through out the pass. The rumble of the inboard engines and distinct roar as another boat “hooks up ” with a tarpon. The excited voices yelling “fish on!” Laughter and radio chatter.

Pass fishing is not all about Tarpon

It’s about great conversations while waiting for the bite of a hungry tarpon.
It’s about the great personalities on the radio that echo throughout the pass on the vhf radios.
Sitting in the tide dipping crabs for the evening bite.
The smells of rum punch and cigars mixing with the sea breeze.
Watching the sunset or rise is a forever memory.

Tarpon fishing in Boca Grande Pass offers everyone a special time in their quest to catch the “silver king“. It’s the only sport fishing of its kind that is as unique as the island it supports. Catching a tarpon is exciting in itself but the journey in doing so is important as well. I’ve heard it called enchanting or mystic. I don’t know exactly what it is,  but I know it’s something. It could be the falling stars at nite , the lonely sea buoy bell, the ever seeing light on top of the house.

Lighthouse in Boca Grande, Florida

I’ve been blessed to catch tarpon all over Florida. I’ve enjoyed every quest in doing so. Boca Grande Pass fishing is uniquely special to me for these reasons and more. Whether you make one drift or fish a whole tide there is no other like it. It is original as it comes.