I was ten years old the summer I caught my first tarpon. I can’t remember the size of the fish it wasn’t a giant . We were fishing off the oil dock in the morning. I can’t remember who all was in the boat or who was sitting next to me . I will always remember the ” bite ” of that fish . The tip of that rod slowly bending all the way over into the water. The first 30 seconds of that fish changed my life as a young man. Growing up in a fishing family I’ve seen hundreds of fish caught , I’ve even finished a couple of fights for adult anglers due to “bad ice cubes”. I’ve caught Sailfish , Dorado, and Sharks. Theses were all great fights , but there’s something special about Summer time Tarpon in Boca Grande. It could be the friends and family in the boat a group effort . The cheering of other boats as you fight your fish . The challenge of keeping a fish on the hook. Watching other boats “scratch off ” down tide knowing that your next up in the drift. The light house sending its beacon like a pulse. Watching the sun rise and fall on the same body of water. Family Tarpon fishing at its best.